From 18 years old onwards

In my teaching, the most important value is that you could learn without being ashamed of yourself and your mistakes.

Accepting these mistakes, undestanding them and experiencing them on the spur of the moment enables you to correct them and make steady progress. Whether in a One to One course or in a small group, I want my students to LIVE a language.

There are worsheets and vocabulary handouts. They are made to give basics. But there are also games and immersion activities in French, which come as a good complement because memorizing is a complex process. These activities are both fun and interactive.

Whether you are a student with huge difficulties or an adult who work in a French environment, you may have special socializing or professional needs *.

* Please note that if you work in France, you have a « Compteur Individuel de Formation », which are training hours paid by your employer (and yourself). They give you accesss to training sessions in the field you wish to get better skills. It means that taking French lessons with me could be paid thanks to this « CIF ». Think about it and let me know…

My aims are to strenghthen the basis, to encourage the pleasure of learning and to allow my students to meet and communicate with French locals because to progress, it is necessary to be faced with new situations. Each individual will memorize according to what he/she experienced during a cooking workshop or a game.

Happy players, happier learners !