Early ESL learning in your French school

Weekly English Second Language sessions . . . for young pupils


 Your youngest pupils are the ones who are the most receptive to a foreign language.

They are curious, enthusiastic, very aware of the music of another language without mentioning the fact that their « speaking tools » (lips, soft palate, tongue, etc...) are still easy to train.

Whenever Miss Maryline is welcome in the schools, she brings the British culture with her. The children are so very happy to see her and Spot the dog again. The language activities are recreational and educational. We sing nursery rhymes, read English children’s books, play traditional or cooperation games and we also cook.

Here are Morbihan schools who chose Atout Langues : Le Sacré- Cœur (Naizin) ; Notre-Dame-de-Joie (Pontivy), St Joseph (Saint Thuriau) ; St Julien (Le Sourn) ; St Cyr-Ste Julitte (Moréac).

 Join these schools in and let’s go further than the French « EMILE » programme such as it was imaged by the French educational system.