Senior students

After 60 years old

Pourquoi pas ?!!!

Getting old means learning differently. But how wonderful, learning is still possible, and actually, it is scientifically proved that it is excellent for the brain ! Just like learning how to play an instrument, learning a foreign language gives your brain, and your memory, a boost.

Speaking a foreign language is like openning a door to an outside world. It is also a great opportunity to think differently.

Maybe you have new needs, like being better integrated into French society, taking the Test de Connaissance du Français and get French nationality. Or maybe you have more time for yourself !

My aim is to give you all the tips to progress in French : being aware of your French environment (words are surrounding you!), manipulating French words and sentences, playing language games, cooking in French, listening to French radio broadcasts and practising on their exersises… Well, I am offering you a wide range of activities !