Toddlers and pre-schoolers

Children from 18 months old to three years old

My aim is to develop the linguistic potential that children possess.

Language is music, the sooner children start, the better it is !

Starting speaking a foreign language when they are very young is all the more important as the muscles inside the mouth and the throat are much easier to train.

And the good news is, children simply love repeating so it is just useless to ask them to do so, they do it so very naturally !

When I speak English to them, I also bring another culture to life. I offer them an opportunity to communicate and by doing so, to think differently.

I sing nursery rhymes and traditional songs or I read them children's books. They are great to make them discover new sounds.

I adapt myself to the child who I am with. Any kind of interaction gives me an opportunity to speak English. Many items that I use wear the Union Jack flag. Even my puppet Spot is a way for me to create a new world that I bring in my very special red treasure box ! Children understand at once that we will be leaving Central Brittany for a while !