About me

My experience...

As a youth leader

Temps d'Activités Périscolaires (TAP) in Cléguérec (56480) and in Pontivy (56300) :

  • British culture through cooking workshops
  • Cooperation games
  • Educational games, board games, language games, both in French and in English


English immersion trips to Colchester (school partnership : Holmwood Boarding School & Lycée Multilingue de Lyon)

  • One-week stays in the boarding school
  • Three-week stays in host families


as an e.S.L. teacher


I.U.T. Lorient/Pontivy

  • Professional English : Licence Professionnelle Contrôle Qualité des Produits Alimentaires ("LP CQPA" work-linked studies)
  • Preparation for the TOEIC certification


Atelier 11 private hairdressing & beauty school – Pontivy (56300)

  • Educational objectives : English teaching in a technical college


Le Gros Chêne Formations CFPPA - Pontivy (56300)

  • The school's objectives : helping the adult students to get the certificate in eco-tourism
  • My speciality : English for tourism
  • My strategy : meeting and interviewing local British businesses


Private schools : Notre Dame de Joie - Pontivy (56300) ; Sacré-Cœur - Naizin (56500) ; Saint-Joseph - St Thuriau (56300) ; Saint Julien - Le Sourn (56300) ; St Cyr-Ste Julitte - Moréac (56500)

  • Early immersion in English for pupils aged 3 to 5 years old through weekly sessions
  • Extra English immersion for pupils aged 6 to 10 years old (English is taught alternately with the pupils'teachers, thus strengthening the educational programme called "EMILE")


International School of Lyon – Ombrosa(69300)

  • Educational objectives : teaching the French curriculum in the English language
  • From nursery to secondary school classes
  • English immersion


Private lessons and home schooling

  • one to one or in small groups
  • any level – children/teens/adults


as a nursery assistant

Pontivy Communauté nurseries (Les Lapins Bleus, Cléguérec 56480 and Pôle Petite Enfance, Pontivy 56300)

  • engaging children into learning and playing activities
  • supervising meals
  • body care
  • supervising children during playtime and sleep