After 11 or 12 years old

French pupils are often laughed at for their bad level in foreign languages. Is it because of the way they are taught in France ?

The trouble is, oral skills are not sufficiently considered and spontaneous conversation is not encouraged enough. As French pupils get older, many of them find it very difficult to progress, they tend to be disappointed and reluctant to involve themselves into English. And the risk is high for them to feel ashamed.

On the contrary, children who experience living a foreign language before Secondary school are enthusiastic, self-confident and very proud of themselves because they have a feeling that they have something more than their schoolmates. They understand much better, their oral capacities are more developped and it is easier for them to communicate.

If your French teenager is taking the Baccalaureate at the end of this new school year, maybe he/she will need some help in English. 

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It makes me so sad to meet teenagers who have totally given up and think they will never be able to progress. I wish to help them get more self-confidence and motivation, which is a clue to success.